Day 20: Hand-drawn love note to a set of printed assembly instructions

This work is Ken Schneyer’s fault! As, once again, the Write-a-thon pushes me in interesting directions.

I’d been umming and ahing over what to do for Ken’s challenge “A love letter to printed assembly instructions” for quite some time. Then inspiration for this struck me, almost physically, while I was being served coffee at Inner Chapters and wishing I had more time to work on comics.

Fortunately Kristina at IC is a champion and I was able to shout “Quick bring me plain printer paper and a pencil”… shortly followed by “And an eraser!” and “And ink! A finer tip than that if you please!” (and that is why it is good to be a regular who is nice)

I scribbled away like a demon for more than two hours straight and this is what emerged! There are certain clues (including the preponderance of words) that indicate I am a writer of comics, not normally a drawer of them.

Love letter to printed assembly instructions


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