Love Letter to a Blu-ray Player

Writing a love letter to a Blu-ray player was tricky indeed. I didn’t want to let Matt McDaniel, my sponsor, down and I discarded many ideas.

Thanks to this challenge I know a lot more about the history of formatting wars, data density of different lengths of light and the importance of protective coating technologies. It also pleased me to find out that Blu Ray runs on Java rather than a proprietary system. Discovering the minute details of an object has been one of the joys of this project, and why it will probably never die. Love is an ecosystem, a garden to be explored.

One of the discarded versions was a filk of Under Pressure by Queen (ba ba ba blu ray, on my blu ray etc), but an improvised jam session between Queen and Bowie turns out to be fiendishly difficult to rework.

Instead I went to one of my great loves, Suzanne Vega, for inspiration. This filk is a bit more melancholic, I was aiming to capture that slightly giddy/detached feeling you get when you’ve watched way too many episodes of something that speaks to your soul and now it’s dark and when was the last time you ate?

Those Whole Worlds, sung to the tune of Those Whole Girls (Run In Grace), by Suzanne Vega

Photo of a cat with complete set of Lord of the Rings blu-ray dvds

image by csullens

Blu-ray plays
Onto my screen
Vivid worlds
I’ll bathe my skin

screen it soothes
actors know me
The story runs
Infuse my heart

Image of a Cat with a blu-ray dvd of a Clockwork Orange

image by csullens

The data dense
Spin intact
Java program
That HD lacks

I’m not alone
Soft light holds me
Moving light
Runs with grace

Runs with grace
Runs with grace
Runs with grace


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